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Benefits Your Advisers Bring To The Table During And After COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has made two things pertinent and immediate for us – The first is the issue of our health and how we keep healthy and safe. The second is the issue of our finances and how we safeguard our financial futures.

Am I getting the right advice? What is my current position? Where do I go from here? – These questions are on top of our minds and constantly concerning us. With the uncertainty and volatility in the economy, it is easy to see why.

Looking at this purely from the financial perspective, your trusted advisers are in a unique position to guide you. Sound financial advice can bring you immense peace of mind.

In this month’s blog post, we cover some of the many benefits that financial advisers bring to your table, especially during these tumultuous times – helping you feel more confident and protected and helping you navigate the complexities of the market in an organised and steadfast manner.

1. Considering your changing goals

Changing goals are a sign that you are evolving. Your financial portfolio too must stay consistent and evolve with you. The pandemic may have triggered numerous changes – in your current lifestyle and in what you perceive as important to you in the future. It is important that you discuss these changing goals with your financial advisers and understand the various options that may be available to you.

Financial advisers will bring knowledge and insights from their experience in order to offer ideas around the approach that you may adopt. This gives you a clearer idea of the possibilities and the range of options available to you.

2. Understanding your position

Your financial advisers can paint a detailed picture of your financial status and situation - whether you are on track or if you have deviated from the path to your goals. You can discuss the impacts of certain regulations and rules, effects of the pandemic on your personal finances, as well as the various strategies that you can leverage to your best advantage.

Financial advisers are informed about changes - whether in regulation and policy, or market behaviours. At the very core of this understanding is care and concern for your financial wellbeing.

3. Comprehensive financial planning

Your financial advisers work with you to develop a comprehensive financial plan that keeps your big picture in focus at all times. This plan is designed to be dynamic enough to change should the opportunity arise, and at the same time, concrete enough for it to be stable and focused.

Discuss and review your financial plan with your advisers and do this regularly. Together, keep an eye on the various milestones as they come and go. In fact, consider meeting your financial advisers to discuss your financial plan and their response to COVID-19 and its impact on you.

4. Complete wealth management

Just as a comprehensive financial plan is an absolute necessity, so is complete wealth management. Your financial advisers are multidisciplinary, with expertise in all areas of your finance or aspects that affect your overall financial wellbeing.

Tax, investments, insurance – your advisers are equipped to handle your queries and offer advice on matters that most concern you. They are accessible and open and they offer timely advice anticipating your needs.

5. Sound financial advice

The changing times have meant different things for different people depending on your specific circumstances – a simple readjustment or a more significant new step. Your financial advisers are here to guide and support you as you navigate the new realities.

At Oakmont, our team of advisers is here for you. We have 60 years of cumulative experience working in this field. We can help you navigate the market with ease and confidence and make the possible decisions that are still aligned with your personal objectives.

We have your back – through the best of times and the worst of times.

Call us for an obligation-free consultation, today.


General Advice Disclaimer

The information contained on this website and in this blog-post is general in nature and does not take into account your personal situation or circumstance. It is recommended that you consider and use the information provided responsibly and, where appropriate, seek professional advice from a financial adviser.

Although every effort has been made to verify the accuracy and correctness of information, Oakmont Financial Group, together with our consultants, officers, agents, and employees, disclaim all liability for any loss or damage suffered by any persons directly or indirectly relying on this information.

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