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Claim Testimonials

Julie and Paul Tognolini


Over many years you have been advising us on how to best make policies work for us at each stage of our working and business lives. As part of these reviews we took the opportunity to take out Trauma Cover and whilst at some stages thought that it would not be needed we have now been proved wrong and have now received the claim that will allow us to concentrate on my recovery from Breast cancer. Knowing that back up is there will ease any financial pressure that may impact on our everyday life. So we send a big thank you for all your advice and encourage others to at least think that it may just happen when you least expect it. thank you Mark and your team for ensuring the claim was processed in such a speedy manner.

Dr Sven Thonell (Vale)


Princess Margaret Hospital


Many years ago I took out income insurance and life insurance policies with your help. Now I cannot in words express my appreciation for all the help I have received from you with successful claims of those policies.

I am now in the terminal stages of my illness, my debts paid and able to leave my wife and family with sufficient funds for a comfortable life ahead.

Your personal and friendly service during this time has been an important factor, and one of the reasons why I would have no hesitation in recommending you to colleagues and friends.

Alan Krawitz

Partner , Norton & Smailes Lawyers


After I finished university my parents encouraged me to meet with you to discuss insurance. That was over 11 years ago. Over the years my cover has increased with my changed circumstances. You have always been there to guide me through the decision making process.

The real importance of insurance hit home when dad was told by his doctor that he was no longer able to work. Fortunately dad had TPD and income protection insurance which he had taken out on your advice many years earlier. The insurance proceeds received under those policies has allowed dad to enjoy life free of financial stress. I hate to think what the situation would have been had he not taken out those policies.

Dave, you are the person I trust for my family’s insurance needs. You are honest, knowledgeable, responsive, reliable, friendly and caring. I am pleased to recommend your services to others.

Leigh Robinson 

Director, Taylor Robinson Architects


My first contact with Oakmont and Dave Roberts was approximately 15 years ago when he assisted me with the various array of personal and business insurances.

In those early years I was unsure about the real benefits of income and life insurance but Dave’s professional manner and advice convinced my business partner and I of their importance as part of sound financial planning for the business and our families. Unfortunately in February 2010 my wife passed away suddenly following a complication soon after her first chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer.

Dave’s thoughtfulness, compassion and efficiency in arranging the insurance payment was greatly appreciated especially at a time of such emotional stress. The friendly and professional service from Dave and the Oakmont team continues to this day and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to my business colleagues and friends.

Kirsten Williams

Office Manager, Inspect My Home


We have worked with Dave Roberts and Lisa Duthoor at Oakmont (formally Life and Benefits) since 2010.  They assisted us to set up our personal insurances and ensured that we have appropriate and comprehensive cover where we need it.

We have always been impressed with their organisation and efficiency but even more so when we needed to make a claim in 2014 following a skiing accident.  Lisa liaised with the insurance company on our behalf and ensured a speedy and uncomplicated settlement at a challenging time.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Oakmont and in particular Dave and Lisa, as a group who take real interest in their clients and do their very best to ensure those clients are protected.

Lisa Self

Clinical Nurse Manager


I have always understood the need to be well protected financially especially as being migrants with no family support here in Australia. Both me and my husband being healthcare workers understand that life changing events can happen to you quickly and unexpectedly.

My husband had to have major heart surgery which was devastating not only to us but to our children. We both had to take a significant amount of time off work during the surgery and the recovery period which financially had a significant impact on us.

To have the wonderful support and reassurance from Steven and Cameron and their team during the claim for our critical illness was a lifeline to me. They managed to alleviate any additional stress and responded back to me without delay. I cannot thank them enough for all they did and continue to receive their guidance around our financial matters.

You always believe that these things will never happen to you, but they do and you need to be adequately prepared for it.

Bianca Le Clos

Managing Director, BHT Group


Without Dave, I am sure my children would now be on the streets or in an orphanage, following tragic events.


Fortunately I had a policy and a broker whom has gone beyond the call of duty to ensure my wellbeing. I certainly could not recommend him enough.  He has been a saviour in my darkest hour and has certainly fought my case when I couldn’t have. 


I would suggest that anyone considering taking out a policy should go through a broker and certainly if you want a cut above the rest I would recommend Dave Roberts.

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